Polyester fabric, cotton Tetoron, Tetoron Rayon

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1. Polyester

Polyester was first discovered in 1953 by EI du Pont de Nemours, USA. Polyester is made of plastic granules. This fabric has good resistance to indentation or crease so that the heat does not require ironing. fabric is not easily broken. The downside, the fabric is not as cool as spandex fabric absorption is lower and not so flexible spandex. it is recommended to not wearing pure polyester material as it will aggravate the skin condition if have sensitive and problematic skin.

2. Tetoron cotton

Mixture of cotton with polyester, producing fabrics with high shrinkage / expand low (not easily shrink when washed, and the material is not stretchy). Cotton is used to mix the TC is combed cotton fabric that is not easy fluffy. Cain is not cool like rayon spandex fabric / rayon spring but has better durability.

3. Tetoron Rayon

Mixture of rayon with polyester. Character similar to Tetoron Cotton, just because it uses a mixture of rayon fabric, rayon has a character that is not shiny, soft, smooth, cool, comfortable, and are absorbing perspiration. However, because it uses a mixture of polyester, this is not cool fabrics like rayon spandex fabric / rayon spring but has better durability.


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Hopefully this information can useful and allows you to choose a dress that suits your taste and your budget.


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